What is coaching?

The expression, life/business coach, basically means ’trainer’. A professional, who does not offer you a ready solution, but strives to help you in your development and in your journey to find your own way, while taking into consideration your personal qualities. I am a coach.

I will not swim the lengths for you, I will not go into the water, but I will do my best so that my ’coachee’ can bring the best out of him/herself. To achieve this, I use my expertise, toolkit and experience. A coach is not a therapist. Nevertheless our work together will be based on trust and confidentiality is paramount…

How will I support you?

When we meet you decide the topic of our conversation. I will be present with thoughtful listening, give you feedback, ask questions and help you with your thinking. I respect your right to your own beliefs and values. This interaction will encourage you to rediscover your inner resources, to find your own solution and to make the neccessary steps towards reaching your goals. I will not tell you what to do. It is up to you to make, what we have worked on together, happen.

During our work together I will provide

  • Safe and supportive environment
  • Expertise and experience
  • Sincere interest for you and about your well-being
  • Acceptance, no judgement
  • Respect, integrity
  • Continuous support
  • Faith in you and in your development
  • Full presence and attention
  • Confidentiality, compiance with the Ethical Code of Coaching

You will provide

    • Commitment
    • Responsibillity for you own development
    • Respect
    • Transparency
    • Trust
    • Willingness to change
    • Comply with the terms of our agreement


  • ‘After working with Silvia, I have a much better idea of how I need to be and behave in order to reach my goals, and most importantly, my maximum potential.’

  • ’I met Silvia years ago as a HR Specialist and had a very good impression of her. Our paths crossed again recently when I sought professional help to prepare for an interview that was extremely important to me. This time she revealed such expertise, which was both so enlightening and encouraging, that it eventually led me prepare for this interview as never before and I was chosen out of hundreds of applicants for personal interview, the one and only international candidate. I absolutely recommend her as an HR expert, because with her knowledgable guidance you will end up feeling prepared, confident and on track.’

  • ‘Thanks to Silvia, I have been able to reinvent many areas of myself: including my job, my relationships, and my passions. She has such a presence that provokes insight, inspiration, and a real, achievable ambition.’

  • ‘Working with Silvia led me to fundamentally shift the way I interact with others and increased my overall effectiveness, while improving the way I feel about myself.'

  • ‘Working with Silvia made me face the core questions I needed to answer, the difficult questions that are very hard to define on your own, but critical to breaking through longstanding barriers in my personal and professional life.’

  • ‘Her coaching - sometimes gentle, sometimes provocative, but always patient and accepting - has helped me uncover self-limiting beliefs and habits and replace them with an all-out commitment to choose and act, step by step, to consciously create the life that I want.’

    Jonathan H.
  • ‘Her unwavering optimism continuously inspires me to ‘do better’. I have literally changed the way I choose.’

    Simon W.
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