Childhood dreams?

I wanted to become a singer, a musical actress in a theatre… dreamed about standing on the stage, telling my feelings through the language of music, feeling the freedom, the adrenaline, my creativity, the flooding emotions, the success and the love of the audience… My parents are honest, good people they have taken care of me way over their heads. But life for them has always been all about security, predictability and they cared a lot about what other people think and say.

Singing, being the purpose of life has not been acceptable for them, so I took the road that they had chosen for me: university and ‘responsible life’… I was a good kid, only child, obedient… But deep inside  of me there was a completely different world: a girl who is watching, waiting, who wants to fly and who knows that one day she will.

I remember spending long hours in the beauty salon, while my mother was working. I was watching the ladies arriving a bit tired, tense after a long day and as they sat into the hairdresser’s chair, they slowly calmed down, their face, posture changed, they started talking about their life and the beautician paid attention to them, listened.

It was incredible to see them completely transformed 1-2 hours later. I was amazed by what I saw there… The power of being listened to enchanted me. I had not heard about coaching, thoughtful listening or unconditional positive regard back then.

…first steps…

When I was 18, I moved to the capital to study. For me it meant moving to LIFE, to adulthood, to freedom, where I can finally take control over my life, I can learn to take responsibility for my actions, I can prove to have become a good, valuable person and I can make good decisions FOR ME.

…my purpose forming…

During the 15 years that I spent in a multinational environment (in Human Resources) I have seen and experienced many things. Meanwhile, I moved abroad, I got married, I gave birth to 2 amazing children. I lived the life of an expatriate wife. I met the challenges and opportunities of a life abroad, the everyday life shared with a partner from another culture, the fun and difficulties of raising children away from home. I learned a lot about myself, about life and about people.

After 10 years spent abroad, a job opportunity brought us back to Budapest and I thought that everything I had been missing living away will now fall to its place and I will be ‘home’. The reality was shocking. Coming back home was simply not resettling into the old, safe and known, but it was settling into a whole new world. From scratch. Again.

I felt that the time has arrived for me to come to terms with everything that had happened to me in my life so far and I started my journey into self-awareness and mindfulness. This road turned out to be adventurous, often rocky, surprising, painful or liberating, but it proved to be a fantastic opportunity for me to get to understand myself better.

I don’t regret a minute of it, because it has made me stronger, fuller, better for myself, for my family, for my friends and for my clients. During these years it has become inevitable that I would like to utilize my experiences and the knowledge that I have obtained to help others as a coach.

I love my job

I am curious, dynamic, multifaceted, attentive and conscientious. I appreciate conservative values, at the same time, I like to question the ‘obvious’ and I accept that people do things their own way and it is perfectly ok.

I understand what you are going through

… still I am mature and skilled enough not to ‘divert you’  towards a solution that is based upon my  life learnings, but I support you in a way so that you can discover YOUR inner resources, find your OWN solution, YOUR OWN way.

I listen to you

During our work together I will be present with thoughtful listening, give you feedback. I may provoke you, if needed, in order to help you with your thinking. I do all this in a safe environment, paying full attention to you. I believe that what makes me an authentic coach is that I have experienced lots of situations in my life and I have fought my own battles.

…influential studies…

  • Transactional analysis, which enriched my personal life, relationships and work and made life more understandable
  • Coaching based on Emotional Intelligence
  • The Gordon Model  (dr. Thomas Gordon’s communication methods)
  • Dr Carl Rogers’s  approach with its unconditional positive regard, non-judgemental communication and empathy

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