For couples – Relationship coaching


  You are welcome whether you come alone or together with your partner. Sometimes we can combine the two methods.

We can also work together effectively if you are currently single, but based upon your former love relationships, there are some areas that you need to work on, you wish to act differently in the future, or you may want to discover what went wrong, what went well; you might have discovered a pattern that is repeated and you would like to find out why…

Frequent topics:

  • raising children
  • sexual problems
  • communication problems
  • fidelity
  • Intimate time
  • partner from a different culture, overcoming cultural differences
  • I am the provider
  • my partner is the provider
  • mid-life crisis and its effects on the relationship
  • assertiveness

For ladies:

  • dating
  • relationships
  • commitment
  • reconnect your relationship
  • targeting Mr. Right
  • toxic relationships
  • what women need to know about men…