Business coaching


’Train people well enough so they can leave. Treat them well enough so they don’t want to.’
Sir Richard Branson


 Business coaching

Coaching is extremely popular in today’s business world. I honestly believe that the employees are a company’s greatest assets. Healthy, engaged employees and bring their enthusiasm, commitment, loyalty and knowledge to the company.

Nevertheless the aim of business coaching is not only to reach one’s professional success. There are many other factors that contribute to becoming the person who can reach his/her goals while, at the same time, is able to enjoy success and live a well balanced life.


Great positive effects of business coaching can include:

  • improved individual performance, increased productivity
  • better work-life balance
  • spotting and treating burnout syndrome
  • increased and sustained motivation
  • improved decision making
  • better conflict resolution
  • boost in confidence
  • manage stress
  • more efficient networking
  • better time management
  • improvement or change in leadership skills/style
  • more effective communication, behaviour changes

 Executive coaching

“personal training” with upper management


 Expatriate transition coaching

settling into a foreign culture

Relocating abroad to work is an exciting and challenging opportunity. Still it can do strange things to us. On paper we are highly competent adults, living dynamic lives across countries, continents and cultures. In practice, seemingly small events can trigger an existential crisis, leaving us disoriented and our confidence shattered.

While adjusting to a different culture as an expatriate is not as straightforward as is seems, it holds different challenges for the spouse. Being an expat wife myself I have experienced the upsides as well as the challenges of this lifestyle for 15 years.

From the outside, being an expat spouse, without a stressful job, sounds like a perfect life. However, although we might be in an enviable position by some standards, many expat spouses do not feel fulfilled and feel overwhelmed, lonely or depressed. According to postings, over 70% of expatriates who resign say it was their partner’s unhappiness that made them reach that decision. I trust that with my support you can turn the dispair into excitement and exhilaration and make living abroad a great experience.